Harvin Gourmet Kitchens

HARVIN produces a line of gourmet items, individually selected and prepared to insure not only the finest quality, but also convenience for you, our customer.

Our SIGNATURE item; HARVIN HONEY-GLAZED, SPIRAL SLICED HAM- we take the finest pork ham, trim external fat, cure in honey, slow smoke in hickory for 24 hours, spiral slice, then glaze with our special honey glaze. These hams are prepared to order, shipped fresh in safe shipping coolers with ice packs for extra protection. Hams are fully cooked and ready to serve.

Our own process was developed to provide the very best smoked turkey on the market. Our HARVIN honey smoked turkey begins with the finest Grade "A" turkey, a blend of spices and seasonings, then slow cooked with hickory smoke for 16 hours under strict temperature and humidity control. Immediately after cooking, turkeys are basted with a honey blend, then vacuum packaged to seal in all the natural flavors and juices.

HARVIN'S WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY --COUNTRY CURED HAMS combine the latest scientific knowledge and equipment in country ham curing with all the old curing "secrets" of the past. These hams are hand rubbed, cured, aged under exact temperature and humidity conditions, and smoked to perfection, to reach you ready to cook and enjoy. Whether with grits and red-eye gravy, biscuits or as a main dish item, this ham is sure to please.


OUR FAMILY CLASSIC HAM is a city ham, mildly cured and smoked, sure to please. This close trimmed ham is fully cooked, ready to slice and serve.

FAMOUS WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY fresh pork sausage, whether patties or links, are the delight of any holiday breakfast. These delicious, lean sausage arrive, ready to cook and enjoy.

Our line of Country fried pork skins bring back the taste of years gone by, yet recognized as a healthy snack, even for dieters. Bacon rinds, cracklings, and fat back in three classic flavors-regular, HOT BBQ and Salt'N Vinegar are sure to please. Try our combination or order individual flavors or types.


Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted. Orders shipped direct to destination of your choice.