A Service Company

In addition to being a full line manufacturing and distribution company, Harvin also provides many other customer friendly services. We are under USDA inspection operating with an approved HAACP plan, insuring maximum food safety for your protection. Our special services include:

Complete custom deer processing-including venison summer sausage,snack sticks, smoked sausage and venison bologna.

Custom cutting of USDA beef & pork for large gatherings

Custom or commercial slaughter of beef and pork. *

Ostrich and Emu slaughter and processing.*

Custom gift baskets.

Refrigerated delivery and temporary storage of employee gifts of our products for volume commercial accounts.

UPS shipments of our products - up to 60 pounds - for both individual and commercial accounts.

Private label of our products for other distributors.

* Through our Sister Plant, Williamsburg Packing in Kingstree, SC



Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted. Orders shipped direct to destination of your choice.