Southern Standards

Hot Dogs & Bologna - Truly southern standards, made from choice cuts of beef and pork, seasoned to southern tastes and fully cooked, for your convenience. Bologna available in bulk or convenient 8 oz packages already sliced, ready for that special sandwich.
  • Harvin Hot Dogs, also made from choice cuts of beef and pork in natural or red, in various sizes and convenient 12oz packages or 10# boxes for that special party or get-together.
  • Harvin also has a COUNTRY TRADITION line of hot dogs, natural or red, made with beef, pork and chicken meat, available packaged or bulk.
  • To complement that just-right hot dog, try some HARVIN CHILI, its concentrated, quick and convenient-heat and serve-not only good with HARVIN HOT DOGS, but also with beans or soups. 5# containers for institutional use.

A staple for any meal-breakfast, dinner, supper, or a snack-HARVIN Smoked Sausages, hot, red or mild brown-fully cooked, ready to eat, hot or cold, in convenient packages or bulk.

Harvin BBQ Pork - combines slow cooked and hickory smoked pork with mild seasoning for a taste treat, as a sandwich, over rice or as an entrée, available only for institutional use in 5# bulk containers.

Sausage Links
Red Link Smoked Sausage - Harvin Gamecock Brand Smoked Sausage is hickory smoked with our own blend of herbs and spices. Traditional or spicy hot, it's the unique and distinct flavor that makes Gamecock Red Smoked Sausage a favorite of families all over South Carolina. Smoked sausage is a southern tradition that's good for breakfast, dinner, supper or snacks. There is nothing like the smell of sausage cooking to bring 'em running.


Sausage Smoked Sausage - Hickory smoked with our own blend of herbs and spices, premium brand Harvin Smoked Sausage is the old South's favorite flavor at its finest. It's premium, so you know it's top quality meat prepared daily. It's fresher than your grandfather had when he made his own. Hickory smoked and spicy, you can't find better sausage . . . anywhere. For breakfast, dinner, supper or snacks, there is nothing like the smell of sausage cooking to stir up an appetite.

Harvin Smoked Sausage is available in bulk or vacuum packed. Harvin Smoked Sausage is packaged in 10 lb. bulk or 12 oz., 28 oz., and 3.5" vacuum packages to maintain freshness. Harvin Smoked Sausage is produced in a USDA Federally Inspected Plant.

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